How to Stay in Love and Not Lose your Freedom!

Loving marriage


One of the most insidious, cherished beliefs born in the land of Male Matriarchal Myths is “When you get married you will lose your freedom for ever-after.” As a man, it is easy to buy into this cultural bias as the Shining Knight in Armour charms his woman (wife). Oh! How easy it is to step mindlessly and blissfully into a marriage that does not work because you believe and behave as though you have lost your male freedom. But wait a minute, Yes! I’m here to tell you a secret - the opposite as I have experienced it. Even though I was very fearful I would lose my freedom, the opposite happened. In very short order, within my marriage I found a sense of FREEDOM beyond imagination. Now I have been married for 24 years enjoying a happy and fulfilling relationship.

Love, Real Love = freedom to be me.

What does it mean to be the successful husband (partner) you desire to be? To understand this you need to realize that a successful man is a man who is living his purpose. For many men this purpose is to fulfill a lofty desire of being a good father and husband. As a man, you know you are successful in living your purpose when your heart tells you that you are content. You experience a deep sense of peace and accomplishment. Your life and your relationships are harmonious and happy.

As a man living in this culture and age, it is easy to get wrapped up in the false believe that a woman (partner) in a committed relationship (eg, in a marriage), will automatically insure a happy, fulfilling and romantic life. Once wrapped up in this false belief, it is easy to become sucked up into becoming the partner who needs to please in order to maintain his status of Staying in Love. As the male provider, the need to please your wife can quickly become an addiction. It is an insidious addiction because you mask over and forget your personal success dreams in your constant striving to please your partner. The longer you continue your addiction, the higher the probability that your partner will start treating you like a slave, like an extension of herself.

In starting your exciting new life together I strongly recommend our highly successful marital coaching program. Choose to live in a happy, loving and harmonious relationship until death do you part. Whether you are beginning a relationship, are preparing to get married, or are already married; our marriage coaching program is excellent. To give you a sample of what the coaching program offers, here are some secrets revealed in it.

With these SECRETS you can create your own good luck and success.

“Luck is those moments when absolute belief meets divine Spirit (God) expressing in and through you.”

Rev. Raymond Pilon


When you know that you know what you want and you consciously let go of the how ( the how is God's job), then creative juices flow. Messages start flowing into your consciousness and your intuitive faculties start into action. Automatically you are guided on what to do. Your new job is to listen. With Divine Intelligence deciphering the essence of the messages in your behalf, you are ready to take action.


If you do not know who you are and what you want to do, now is the time for self-discovery. One of the best ways to master self discovery is through meditation. For this, I highly recommend Blenda, my partner. She teaches meditation as part of her pre-marital course offered on this website. She is a master and will guide you. Blenda says, “When you reach a place that I call a sacred place within the quiet recesses of Your Being, an inner realization of WHO YOU ARE awaits you.” This is you Spirit Being inside you. Listen to your own inner voice. This is your intuition and you can use it as your daily guide. It will reveal your unique path to happiness including your purpose. The trick in deciding if you have discovered your purpose is to stay tuned to your inner voice. Your inner voice is God speaking through you as you telling you if you are in line with your “True Self”, and your purpose. This technique is as real as it gets. It really works!


When you chose what you want, make your choice a firm choice. There will be times when you will be tempted to stray from your choice with many distractions. It could happen when you are tired, or when your partner is so excited about what she is doing that you want to abandon your own projects to help her. Because of the impact of distractions like these ones, I ask that you make your choice so strong and powerful it becomes like the Rock of Gibraltar – unshakable!!!


When I feel frustrated or angry with my wife I say to myself, “Now is my opportunity to treat my wife as I myself would like to be treated.” These words immediately come to my rescue and I am empowered to bypass my frustration and reach out to my Wife. When I change, and in this case when you change, you can give your partner the emotional support she needs to re-think and make changes. Get what you desire by becoming what you desire! Ultimately, a guaranteed way for your partner to make desirable changes is for you to become that which you desire. For example, if you want your partner to acknowledge your good qualities, you become the change you desire. In this example, you will start acknowledging her good qualities. To take another example, if you want your wife to work out at the gym and take care of her body, you start working out at the gym. If you want your partner to tell you that she loves you more often, you let her know that you love her more frequently by communicating what is the equivalent for women. Women know they are loved when they feel listened to, understood, and verbally told “I love you”. It is 100% True that becoming what you desire sets the Law of Attraction in motion delivering to you exactly what you desire. Like attracts like!

SECRET 5: ACCEPT AND GROW YOUR SUCCESS With this secret, I agree with my wife. She says, “When you acknowledge your success you are giving back to the Divine, the Universe. Giving and receiving is circular. It is like breathing. To stay alive, you need to breathe in and breathe out. In the invisible world of cause and effect, when you acknowledge and accept your success, you are automatically planting seeds for your future success. Consider them as seeds planted in your garden. The more love and gratitude you bestow upon your precious seeds, the more bountiful your garden will grow.

Always remember: Love what you have and watch it grow. Love is the most powerful force in the universe, and you can use it!”