Our Most Popular Package!

To create your perfect Love Story, we have added a 20 minute consultation with a pre-marital coach and a Love Story keepsake about your falling in love to our Fully Customized ceremony.

We will arrive at your chosen location** and professionally officiate your wedding as you have planned it. Afterwards, you will receive 'Your Love Story', a true treasure capturing your path to everlasting love.

The Love Story - How it works

Based on your responses from the LOVE STORY questionnaire, Blenda professionally weaves together your unique LOVE STORY including how you met, what is special for you, funny or unusual things that happened along the way, romantic moments, and the thrilling story of the wedding proposal.

Here are some of the questions from the LOVE STORY questionnaire for the Bride:

  • Were you actively looking for a relationship, or did it seem to find you?
  • Is there a story about how you met?
  • Is there something special that your fiance did to win your heart?
  • Describe how our fiance proposed to you

And for the Groom:

  • When and how did you know she was the right partner for you?
  • Can you recall something funny that happened while you were together?
  • Describe your three best strengths (attributes)

Your personal LOVE STORY is a True Treasure! It describes and highlights the magic wonderment of your relationship. Throughout your marriage, it will continue to inspire and motivate you!!!