Blenda Pilon

Blenda R. Pilon, BSc, MSc, retired RSI minister, hypnotherapist

I love helping people find happiness. My perfect way of doing this is through premarital and marriage coaching.  With 17 years in private practice in Vancouver BC in my own clinic called Professional Clinical Therapy, I have successfully helped over 6,500 clients.  While in private practice, both my husband and I bought into Canada the work of Dr. John Gray who is author of the best selling Mars and Venus relationship books.  Dr. John Gray has endorsed my book called LOVE SECRETS, Falling in Love and Staying in Love that is now in preproduction for its second run and for which I will be taking advance orders.

What I offer you in pre-marital coaching is an opportunity to explore more deeply the qualities and talents you and your partner bring to your marriage, what you want, and how you can both get what you want within a successful marriage,  It is important that this be accomplished in a way that supports and nourishes you and your partner.  I also offer a most valuable communication tool that you can use to overcome any obstacle in your relationship and from which you can grow.  For a learning and a reference guide, I offer a guide that shows you what specific relationship thoughts will produce in your relationship experiences - and new thoughts into which you can change into for better results.  

For marriage coaching, I again offer the communication tools and the thought reference guide.  Additionally, I offer individual and couple coaching depending upon what is needed and desired.  Often as part of the coaching I am asked to do hypnotherapy for which I have my license from the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis.  I love doing hypnotherapy and one of my specialties is Body Shaping, and of course the other is relationship issues.  Like my husband, I adore metaphysics and how it has inspired me to be a more positive, compassionate and consciously aware person.  

What is most frequently liked by both my clients and my friends is my compassion, my listening and intuitive ability, and my inherent nature that tends to bring out the best in others.  This is my gift, and I love sharing it with you.