All of our Ceremony packages include a complimentary consultation in person or online (Skype or Face Time)



Simple and Meaningful Civil Ceremony

Digitized pictures are included.

License is sent to Vital Statistics.

Presenting you with a signed Marriage certificate.

Optional: Ask about making pictures into a memorable video.


Starts at $360*

A Wedding without the Legal Papers

In this ceremony usually rings are exchanged. It can be a simple ceremony or more elaborate and fancy. Many couples choose to participate in writing their own promises to each other.

An elegant Certificate of Commitment is presented to you.


Starts at $350

Renewal of Wedding Vows

Reaffirm your love and devotion to one another in ceremony you design to reflect the couple you are. Maybe you have been through a rough patch, like a serious illness or period of estrangement, and want to start over. What better way to celebrate your renewed commitment to the marriage.

The ceremony can be simple or elaborate. You can choose from a set of vows or write your own. You can be surrounded by family and friends, or even your original wedding party members. It can be in your own home, in Nature, at a church, or at another location that is special for you.


Starts at $250*

A Constructive Way to Move Forward

More and more people who are going through separation or divorce seek healing and want their relationship to continue in a friendly, caring way.

Typically this is a blessing ceremony, often deeply personal and spiritual, and can be customized with personal pledges. It can be as small or large as you desire and may include family members.

Please note:
* Price include taxes
** Travel is included for up to 50km ($.50/km otherwise)