LOVE SECRETS: Falling in Love & Staying in Love

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This potentially award winning book is endorsed by Dr. John Gray, author of the best selling relationship book, Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus, as a practical and compassionate guide for creating healthy relationships and lasting intimacy. It contains a series of easy exercises, wisdom from having successfully coached over 6,500 clients, and a special chapter on Dr. John Gray's Love Letter and Blenda's Love Encounter.

If you are looking for a way to attract a partner for a loving, lasting relationship, or if you want to put new life into your existing relationship, then this book is for you. It will reveal secrets showing you how to get what your want and how to build a loving relationship that will last a lifetime.

As part of your LOVE SECRETS

You will:

  • Identify what you want, what you have to offer, and your goals
  • Learn strategies to attract what you want
  • Unlock secrets to revive and keep your relationship exciting and fulfilling debunk harmful relationship and sexual myths
  • Build relationship worthiness and integrate over 100 healthy intimacy affirmations into your core beliefs
  • Learn proven love communication techniques that transform conflict into passion enjoy replacing old beliefs with New Thought Patterns

What makes LOVE SECRETS so wonderful is that it is different from other relationship books. In a series of easy exercises, it guides you all the way from how to know what you want in a lasting relationship to attracting and keeping that ideal relationship vibrant. The love secrets are equally helpful to those people seeking their ideal relationship as they are to those people who want to transform their relationship into one filled with passion, joy, and heart-felt purpose.

Too often couples meet and their passion is so high they seem to fall hopelessly in love. Struck by Cupid's arrows, they get married and after a short while feel like they have fallen off a cliff into a bottomless pit. Both the men and women feel a loss of freedom and a sense of hopelessness from which they can not escape. It is with this in mind that the author, Blenda Pilon, has written Love Secrets. Blenda's purpose is to provide easy tools for Falling in Love and Staying in Love. Having been in private practice for 17 years, Blenda says, “Love is the most powerful and wonderful expression of Life, of Spirit. It is our gift to be able to give and receive the power of Love, the most powerful force in the universe – and you can use it!”

Because this is a self-help relationship guide book, there are exercises. To help you keep your book clean, I invite you to download copies of the exercises. To print copies go to Downloads

LOVE SECRETS New Thought Handbook 

Now Included as part of LOVE SECRETS, Falling in Love & Staying in Love

Replace Old Beliefs with New Thought Patterns

Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Relationships

This handy LOVE SECRETS New Thought Handbook can become your best relationship buddy. When you find you aren't getting what you want in your relationship, you can open your handbook, quickly identify the old belief that is the culprit, and immediately replace it with a New Thought Pattern that is provided for you.

You can think of your handbook as your mini relationship tool kit. When you are up against a relationship barrier, with this tool kit you can be the master of your wonderful journey in human form. By simply changing your thoughts, you can change what happens to you in your relationships. Your thoughts are the real cause. Thoughts cluster and form habits. Because this is true, by changing your thoughts/habits you can change to New Thought Patterns attracting to you what you desire.

Maybe you are familiar with Louise Hay who wrote heal your body, THE MENTAL CAUSES FOR PHYSICAL ILLNESS AND THE METAPHYSICAL WAY TO OVERCOME THEM. Blenda Pilon, the author, found this book so valuable that she decided to follow the example of Louise Hay and provide the same handy way for people to overcome relationship barriers replacing them with New Thought Habits. As Blenda says, “With New Thought Habits that work, you can achieve a Marriage-that-Works forever; or if you prefer, a wonderful relationship that works for as long as you desire. There is nothing more precious than being in a loving relationship in which you are fulfilled and happy. That is why this handbook is your buddy and an essential component of your relationship tool kit.”